Ty Williams "Foreshore" Limited Edition Navaja Knife and Bandana



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Castillo Knives started working with Williams while he was surfing in Maine. As the conversation developed, it was noted that Williams had loved surfing the varied coastal waters of California while living in Los Angeles. “Foreshore” came from this experience and a desire to give back to the waters that have inspired much of his work. Joined on by BANDITS, the knife and bandana set provide two enduring tools for beach getaways. The art reminds us of all those under the surface getting together between tides.

Ty Williams is a mixed media artist focused primarily on the sea and the coastline as his subject. His work is playfully sarcastic and fancifully sublime with an element of innocence and heartbreak. His work can be found adorning many discerning walls or @tywillyums on Instagram.

10% of sales of this limited series will benefit the California Wilderness Coalition to aid, amongst many ongoing conservation projects, protecting coastal tributaries in Northern California from harmful runoff that affects wildlife and beach goers alike.

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